BMW 135i 235i 335i 435i N55 2011 – 2015

435i white dyno

Stock 300 – 310bhp / 255 – 368whp /  500nm    Stage 1 360 – 380bhp / 305 – 320whp/ 600nm Stage 1 Options (Requires only Engine Mapping)  Engine Mapping  Gearbox XHP Software  (Not Required) Stage 2 380 – 400bhp / 320 – 340whp 650nm  Stage 2 Options (Exhaust Modification Required)  Engine Mapping  Gearbox XHP … Read more

BMW F90 M5 / F92 M8 Service & Maintenance Guide

s63tu engine

Useful Part Numbers: BMW Spark Plugs: 12120054451 /  BOSCHZR5TPP3320NGK Spark Plugs:  97506 / SILZKBR8D8SBMW Coil Pack: 12138611236BMW Coolant/ Antifreeze: 83192211191Gearbox Oil: 83222289720Engine Oil Filter: 11427848321Air Filters: Left side 13717852380/ Right Side 13717852382Wiper Blades: 61612447934Cabin Filter: 64116996209Front Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34107886853Rear Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34217991043Front Left Disc: 34217991103Front Right Disc: 34217991104Rear Left Disc: … Read more

BMW 335D 435D F series – Xdrive 2013 – 2019

435d white

A BMW that truly does it all, great economy, great power and being blessed with the x-drive 4wd system great traction.  A family diesel that can reach 60mph faster than lot of M cars and not break the bank trying to keep the fuel topped up. Under the bonnet you’ll find the N57 engine, coupled … Read more

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