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Come visit velocity tuning and experience tuning with an informed approach

Here at velocity tuning we love to get the customer involved and explain exactly whats going on and what changes are being made to the car. Want to understand how a car is dyno tested?, what exactly is being changed to gain power? Here at velocity we are happy to explain make the process as educational as possible.

Using a combination of professional ECU editing software, the latest in ECU mapping & data-logging tools with our top of the range V-Tech Braked Dyno we are able to create powerful, dyno proven software to take your car to the performance you require.

tuning software with m5

The best jobs are the ones you love and at velocity we love tuning cars. Its important to us your car is tuned to its best potential and we treat every car as if it was our own. Extensive data-logging, dyno time & revision is put into all cars to make sure we are happy with our work.

The industry of chiptuning is always changing and developing, part of staying upto date is making sure we have the latest tools at our deposal making sure we can work on an array of vehicles quickly and as efficiently as possible. Whether your ECU requires mapping via the OBD port or directly to the unit itself we are equipped to tackle the task with ease.


Job times can vary from 30min to 4hours and to help make you comfortable we have refreshments, films & xbox to keep you occupied whilst we work hard on your pride &  joy.


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