BMW E9X M3 4.0 V8


The S65 based M3 is a very popular car for tuning, We see a lot of these in after having primary decat. We are able to disable cold start, remove decat cel light & remove the speed limiter and for those wanting extra such as burbles we are happy to provide. Cars coming into us … Read more

BMW M2 M3 M4 S55 Remap 2013 – 2020


Stock 440 – 460bhp / 375 – 390whp /  550nm Stage 1 530 – 550bhp / 450 – 470whp/ 700nm Stage 1 Options (Requires only Engine Mapping)  Engine Mapping available inhouse or remote via BM3 / MHD Gearbox GTS Software  (Not Required) Gearbox XHP Software  (Not Required) ECU Unlock £90 (For 2018-2020) Included Free with … Read more

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