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Velocity Tuning is a specialist performance company based in Colchester Essex, We consider all vehicles whilst mainly working with German vehicles in particular BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda & Mercedes. We offer multiple levels of tuning from stage 1 remaps right around to larger turbos, larger injectors, water methanol & setting up vehicles needing more bespoke custom packages.

In the workshop we have access to all the latest tuning devices and equipment which includes a 2wd inertia/braked rolling road, 4WD Road Dyno, Full rise ramp, Datalogging equipment,  Dealer level diagnostics, Programming/ Coding software and also specialist tools for compression testing, boost pressure testing & afr/ timing monitoring.

Velocity Tuning provides tuning worldwide for professional & individual customers, We have won the UK Top speed record for BMW, held multiple world wide records, winner of performance BMWs car of the year 2020 as well as being featured on front cover of magazines and online. We are well known within the car community and have a true passion for this industry providing our services for customers world wide.

Your car deserves the best from start to finish at Velocity Tuning.

Tommy is the man who transformed a stock M5 to countries fastest BMW! Passionate about performance Tommy settles for nothing less than the best for you and your car. You can see the M5 at Velocity’s premises most days and it represents everything Velocity Tuning stands for. 

If you are looking to get the best out of your car, book today.

In-house tuning:

Come visit velocity tuning where you can have your car custom tuned, modified and upgraded to your bespoke wants whilst you relax in our waiting room equipped with Netflix, Movies & a Xbox One hooked up to a race seat to see how fast you can lap the Nurburgring online.

Whilst at velocity you can have dyno runs, software updates, bespoke in-house engine mapping, gearbox mapping, vehicle coding, performance parts fitted, diagnostics & servicing whilst asking questions and learning more about the process.

Here at Velocity Tuning we take pride in producing safe, reliable and also powerful remaps suited to our customers exact needs whether they need more fuel economy from their long motorway journeys or additional power to shave seconds of their PB at Brands Hatch. Most of our business is providing stage 1 and stage 2 remaps for those wanting to release untapped power waiting to be used.

We are able to provide gearbox tuning increasing clamping pressure of the gearbox, increasing shift speed, optimising gear change points and increasing the torque limiters to allow the engine to produce more power without the gearbox interfering.

Here at velocity tuning we are big advocates of water meth injection, the cooling benefits and increases in power available with these systems make them them highly beneficial to modern cars affected by high intake temps or fuelling limitations as commonly seen on BMW & Audi/ VW platforms due to the high pressure fuel pumps being easily maxed.

We provide tuning for those with aftermarket turbos whether that is for your M4 S55 with larger ball bearing turbos or a Fabia VRS PD130 with a GTD1756 turbo and 4bar map sensor.

For those wanting the most from their cars larger injectors are commonly seen and we are able to recalibrate the ecu software to run these larger injectors on your car.


For Naturally aspirated cars or supercharged with higher lift cams or smaller supercharger pulleys we are able to remap and gain the benefits from these aftermarket parts.

Whether your work van is capped to 55mph or you want to exceed the 167mph M car limiter we are able to remove this from the cars software allowing the car to reach your desired speed.

For cars with their catalytic converter removed the ecu software also needs adjusting to stop an engine management light appearing.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, This item is prone to failure and causing limp modes. For cars not used on UK roads we can disable this troublesome emissions item.

Diesel Particulate Filter, This is an emissions item placed in the exhaust designed to catch damaging gasses which is prone to failure by becoming blocked and causing reduced power. For off road vehicles this item can be removed and deleted from the software allowing the vehicle to once again run correctly.

Swirl Flaps are placed on the intake manifold and in some cases are best removed as they are known to break and go into the engine causing severe damage. We are able to correct the vehicle software to allow these to be removed.

Most modern petrol vehicles have a loud cold start procedure when initially started to warm the catalytic converter to a temperature where it is more efficient therefore reducing emissions, for cars with no catalytic converter or quiet surroundings we are able to remove the cold start from the vehicles software.

Remote tuning

For those not able to travel to us in-house or wanting multiple maps we are able to offer the velocity tuner with full customer support and guidance. This is a handheld tablet that allows you to read your vehicle data at home to then send back to us where we then we can create up to 5 custom maps to fit your needs, for example economy map, cold start off map, race fuel map, burbles map and more aggressive maps for off road use whilst also allowing for us to send updates online for new modifications. The device is small and discreet, can read fault codes, return the vehicle to stock and if you purchase a new car once returning to stock the device can be used on your new car also.

5 star customer feedback

We love what our customers say about our their cars and our service after a visit to Velocity. Click here to read more reviews on our facebook page and click here to see our google reviews. With over 100 people saying how much their car has improved and giving us 5 stars you can trust Velocity Tuning to look after your pride and joy.

Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter
Customer - ECU
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Took my 4 series down to Tommy for a stage 1 tune. Top bloke and really knows his stuff, over the moon with how the car drives and delivers the power such a massive difference. Can't recommend enough.
Alex P
Alex P
Customer - ECU
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Had my 2011 120D remapped through Tommy, Couldn't recommend a better person for the job. Such a down to earth guy, Proper friendly from the get go and really knows his stuff. Talked me through each stage of the tuning service explaining how it all works. Brilliant Customer service and a brilliant result from the tuning!
Wesley Heapy
Wesley Heapy
Customer - ECU
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Took a BMW 220d to Velocity. Best service I’ve ever received when getting a car tuned. Tommy is so down to earth and really knows his stuff! He was honest and straight up from the very first phone call! 10000000% recommend
Duncan Travis
Duncan Travis
Customer - ECU
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Brilliant, thorough service on offer. Tommy is a really nice chap with mountains of knowledge. I travelled over 100 miles each way and would do it again in a heartbeat. My N55 335i is also now a totally different animal 👌🏻
Customer - ECU
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Brilliant, thorough service on offer. Tommy is a really nice chap with mountains of knowledge. I travelled over 100 miles each way and would do it again in a heartbeat. My N55 335i is also now a totally different animal 👌🏻

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Case studies - What we do at Velocity Tuning

When you decide to hand over your car, we see it as a complete privilige to work on your pride and joy. We take time to understand what you are looking for and what you expect. From there, we agree a plan and get to work. Here are some examples of our work, click here for more Velocity tuned cars.

Specialists in German automotive performance

We specialise in all things German. However, get in touch if you own a non European marque as we are very likley to be able to help.

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Whilst we have an excellent knowledge of cars, we have come to learn that everyone is different in what they want from thier car. If you have a question that you would like to ask, please ask it. We’d be delighted to help with some friendly free advice. Alternatively, you can make a provisional booking online.

Alternatively you can contact us or email info@velocitytuning.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

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