Welcome to Velocity Tuning, Colchester's only 4wd dyno vehicle tuning centre

Velocity Tuning is a specialist performance company based in Colchester Essex, We consider all vehicles whilst mainly working with German vehicles in particular BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda & Mercedes. We offer multiple levels of tuning from stage 1 remaps right around to larger turbos, larger injectors, water methanol & setting up vehicles needing more bespoke custom packages.

In the workshop we have access to all the latest tuning devices and equipment which includes a 4wd inertia/braked rolling road, Full rise ramp, Datalogging equipment,  Dealer level diagnostics, Programming/ Coding software and also specialist tools for compression testing, boost pressure testing & afr/ timing monitoring.

Velocity Tuning provides tuning worldwide for professional & individual customers, We have won the UK Top speed record for BMW, held multiple world wide records, winner of performance BMWs car of the year 2020 as well as being featured on front cover of magazines and online. We are well known within the car community and have a true passion for this industry providing our services for customers world wide.

Your car deserves the best from start to finish at Velocity Tuning.

Tommy is the man who transformed a stock M5 to countries fastest BMW! Passionate about performance Tommy settles for nothing less than the best for you and your car. You can see the M5 at Velocity’s premises most days and it represents everything Velocity Tuning stands for. 

If you are looking to get the best out of your car, book today.

In-house tuning:

Come visit velocity tuning where you can have your car custom tuned, modified and upgraded to your bespoke wants whilst you relax in our waiting room equipped with Netflix, Movies & a Xbox One hooked up to a race seat to see how fast you can lap the Nurburgring online.

Whilst at velocity you can have dyno runs, software updates, bespoke in-house engine mapping, gearbox mapping, vehicle coding, performance parts fitted, diagnostics & servicing whilst asking questions and learning more about the process.

Here at Velocity Tuning we take pride in producing safe, reliable and also powerful remaps suited to our customers exact needs whether they need more fuel economy from their long motorway journeys or additional power to shave seconds of their PB at Brands Hatch. Most of our business is providing stage 1 and stage 2 remaps for those wanting to release untapped power waiting to be used.

We are able to provide gearbox tuning increasing clamping pressure of the gearbox, increasing shift speed, optimising gear change points and increasing the torque limiters to allow the engine to produce more power without the gearbox interfering.

Here at velocity tuning we are big advocates of water meth injection, the cooling benefits and increases in power available with these systems make them them highly beneficial to modern cars affected by high intake temps or fuelling limitations as commonly seen on BMW & Audi/ VW platforms due to the high pressure fuel pumps being easily maxed.

We provide tuning for those with aftermarket turbos whether that is for your M4 S55 with pure, vargas, littco, kratos turbos.

B58 with pure800, daw or littco

S63 M5 with Pures or gtx3076’s

Whether your work van is capped to 55mph or you want to exceed the 167mph M car limiter we are able to remove this from the cars software allowing the car to reach your desired speed.

For cars with their catalytic converter removed the ecu software also needs adjusting to stop an engine management light appearing.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, This item is prone to failure and causing limp modes. For cars not used on UK roads we can disable this troublesome emissions item.

Diesel Particulate Filter, This is an emissions item placed in the exhaust designed to catch damaging gasses which is prone to failure by becoming blocked and causing reduced power. For off road vehicles this item can be removed and deleted from the software allowing the vehicle to once again run correctly.

Swirl Flaps are placed on the intake manifold and in some cases are best removed as they are known to break and go into the engine causing severe damage. We are able to correct the vehicle software to allow these to be removed.

Most modern petrol vehicles have a loud cold start procedure when initially started to warm the catalytic converter to a temperature where it is more efficient therefore reducing emissions, for cars with no catalytic converter or quiet surroundings we are able to remove the cold start from the vehicles software.

Remote tuning

For those not able to travel to us in-house or wanting multiple maps we are able to offer the velocity tuner with full customer support and guidance. This is a handheld tablet that allows you to read your vehicle data at home to then send back to us where we then we can create up to 5 custom maps to fit your needs, for example economy map, cold start off map, race fuel map, burbles map and more aggressive maps for off road use whilst also allowing for us to send updates online for new modifications. The device is small and discreet, can read fault codes, return the vehicle to stock and if you purchase a new car once returning to stock the device can be used on your new car also.

workshop cars

5 star customer feedback

We love what our customers say about our their cars and our service after a visit to Velocity. Click here to read more reviews on our facebook page and click here to see our google reviews. With over 100 people saying how much their car has improved and giving us 5 stars you can trust Velocity Tuning to look after your pride and joy.

Based on 100 Reviews

Incredible customer service from start to finish. Won't use anyone else to map my M6 Gran Coupe

Kevin Hyams

Great service from a guy that really knows his stuff. Highly recommend this company many thanks.

jonny fuente

I Took my Skoda in for a stage 1 remap and had a really good experience. Tommy is super knowledgeable guy explained what was going on and made sure I was happy with what was happening at all times. His experience really paid off when we encountered a couple hiccups getting the car and the map to work together but at the end of the day drove out with a lot more power and really smooth delivery. Given it little over a week before dropping this in, and the car has held up great, power is always there when I need it.Looking forward to coming back for any future mods . Really mega bloke 100% recommend

Looked after my 335i ! Definitely recommend Tommy !

Mahir Miah

If you have a M5 and looking for power, look no further. Tommy and his team take pride in their work and will look after your car

Sam Burrows

Had my 2014 Audi S5 remapped 3 months ago. Tommy is a great guy to speak to on a personal level and like many others have already stated is very professional and knowledgeable around the software. There was a bit of a scare when the ECU needed to come out (the fans wouldn't turn off), but Tommy was calm and confident throughout and successfully took the car from 328bhp to over 400bhp! 3 months on and the car has been serviced with no issues and no driving problems; in fact the opposite is true. Acceleration is much smoother and linear and when the transmission is put into S there are some light pops when lifting off the throttle in certain scenarios which I love. Overall an amazing job and couldn't be happier. Thanks! 🙂

kirk piddock

Took my 320i to Tommy today for a remap. From the first phone call to the finished product was superb. Tommy tuned my car to my required specifications and I couldn’t be happier. Great set up, great service, top bloke and an all round fantastic experience. Cannot recommend enough

Where to do I start with Tommy and Velocity. If I could give this business 6 stars I would. Mapped my 435i with him today. The customer service was impeccable. My car now feels how it should of come out from factory and I’m super happy with the service provided. Can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend anyone looking to get a remap done to consider Velocity. His attention to detail and customer service is something a majority of tuners should take note of. He’s clearly passionate about his work and you can clearly see this just talking to him. A genuine guy. I can see why this business is highly rated with reviews. Thanks again. I’ll be back again once I can convince the Mrs that we need a stage 3 map done.

Ali Hafeez

Took my F10 M5 in for SSP clutch - running smoothly now for 500 miles break in period, after which will be bringing the car back to Tommy. Treats you more like a mate than a waiting customer, very knowledgeable. Tuning and M5s especially are his passion and that passion is reflected in his work - no rip-offs or sales pitches, just good old honest work! Highly recommended.

Liam Andrews

Big thanks to Tommy ! guy is an absolute wizard ! car had been stage 1 and stage 2 with previous company but was still left underwhelmed despite them trying numerous times to log and correct it! . First drive out with Tommy and he picked the issue up in minutes! knowledge is priceless when it comes to stuff like this ! he explains everything in detail what he's doing etc! no gimmicks complete relaxed environment feels like your mates and known him for years just spending 5 minutes with him! top guy! can't recommend enough !

Stuart White

Took my Z4 in for tuning. Tommy was exceptionally knowledgeable and informative. Highly recommended


Thanks Tommy for today…cars an absolute Beast 😬 Top man Top service Highly Recommend 10/10

Sean Curran

Took my m5 f10 to Tommy today for stage 2. Would recommend to any. Took almost 4 hours for the whole job and the time flew by as Tommy treats you more as a mate than just a customer there, friendly and there's a games console and steering wheel there to play on if you need to pass the time

Osman Ali

Took my N55 335i to Tommy, such a nice guy and very knowledgeable, before the appointment ran through some upgrades that I should do in order to achieve the most from my visit so I carried these out and once at his garage he kept me in the loop and at each stage told me what he's doing and why, gave me a great deal of confidence in his abilities. Well worth the drive and can say that he's not out there to rip you off or take your money, he's a genuine car guy and his M5 is MENTAL!!!

Very professional excellent job very friendly would recommend 👍

Very friendly and extremely knowledge service. Highly recommended 👌

George Evans

Excellent work, very pleased with the result.

Gary Victor

Awsome Guy,Tommy really knows his stuff and would highly recommend.

Ben Pace

This guy is a serious tuner...BMW King

Mersea Cars

Tommy is the man for your tuning needs. He has been working with our cars for the last few months and has been amazing at sharing his vast amount of Knowledge with us. Always on time, on the ball and a master of his craft. Cannot recommend enough for Tuning, Knowledge and Advice. Plus his set up/ premises is a cool place to be.,

Tommy is awesome and highly knowledgeable.

What can I say tommy your the man for bmws I wouldn't take my car for tuning anywhere else really friendly guy get yourselves booked in

James Meyers

Tommy at velocity top bloke knows his stuff highly recommend

Ant Scully

So today I went back down to Velocity Tuning to see Tommy Munro as he stage 2+tuned my car and my clutches was slipping was going to get him to fit ssp clutches but he called me to say that he was able to map my dct gearbox so I said ok let’s give it a try and the magic man has done it. It’s now holding 930nm and 764 Bhp with no slipping I have gave it a long spirited drive and is now back to its best with no slipping and crisp gear changes bit faster changing gear also. so he has saved me a few ££££. I cannot recommend him highly enough if any body on here is thinking about mapping there Bmw M then he is your man and would definitely recommend the gearbox map as it’s a must with a map on these cars. Thanks again Tommy

Pablo Hasser

Great service from velocity tuning. The go to place if you have a M5 or any BMW


Top bloke Tommy

Jean Rollings

Tommy really nice bloke, does his job well thanks.

Big G

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Well what can I say, went to see tommy today after many conversations over the phone before hand One of the phone calls being on bank holiday Monday when he was actually doing his shopping in Sainsbury’s 😅sorry about that lol I explain to Tommy exactly what I was looking for which was a little bit more power through the range but nothing that could cause any unreliability issues ie slipping clutch or engine damage..... £££££😩 sort out flat spots between 4/5k RPM I live quite a long way from Velocity tunning and was a bit worried about having the car tampered with because if it goes wrong I haven’t got the £ to fix ☹️ However I went for it anyway might I add I’m potentially vulnerable to COVID as I’m a paraplegic ♿️ As soon as I arrive at Velocity tunning I was greeted by a very friendly tommy, I was in car Heaven with all the customers ridiculous tuned insane motors 😳🤤 Tommy went out of his way to make me feel safe and comfortable changing gloves sterilising everything the place was spotless equipment state of the art,in the waiting room also has a racing simulator driving games where you can challenge Tommies lap time of the Nürnberg ring😜 Unfortunately I couldn’t do this because of the wheelchair however Tommy did say I can lift you into it if you want 😄 Tommy done extensive health checks on the vehicle before he proceeded and it was more or less healthy car he did find a couple of faults that I would never of found out which could’ve caused my turbos to overheat and cause serious damage costing thousands I asked if he could fix it he said it’s not worth you coming all the way back for me to do it any well-known mechanic could do it nearer to your own home so he wasn’t finding things/faults to make money. what Tommy doesn’t know about cars isn’t worth knowing this is not a conveyor belt service one in one out take the money it’s a real customer relations one to one professional service with passion for cars,thank you very much you got the car just where I wanted it and well within the safety boundaries and it drives like a brand-new car with eye watering butt clenching performance 🤪👍had a really good laugh I learnt so much and if I didn’t live so far away I’ll probably go there just to hang out highly highly recommend Velocity tunning you’ve tried the rest now try the best you will not be disappointed ,Thank you very much tommy had a great day I will pop up to see you in the near future as I feel of made a friend today and you must take me out in that beast.PS Today was the first time I met Tommy.👌🏽

Excellent service thanks Tommy

David Youens

Very friendly very knowledgeable great experience highly recommended

Very good service and customer service and has a very friendly dog would recommend to anyone

John Williams

Tommy knows his stuff

S Cunny

Brilliant experience, Tommy kept me in the loop the whole time I was there with what he was doing with my car. None stop chatting also, made me feel really welcome.


Amazing level of service and attention to detail. Very friendly and talked through the entire process throughout. Car feels amazing now and would highly recommend. 👌 Thanks again Tommy

Colin Shiels

Great service, would definitely recommend.

Vince horne

Great guy and brilliant work

Joe Hunter

Took my 4 series down to Tommy for a stage 1 tune. Top bloke and really knows his stuff, over the moon with how the car drives and delivers the power such a massive difference. Can't recommend enough.

Alex P

Had my 2011 120D remapped through Tommy, Couldn't recommend a better person for the job. Such a down to earth guy, Proper friendly from the get go and really knows his stuff. Talked me through each stage of the tuning service explaining how it all works. Brilliant Customer service and a brilliant result from the tuning!

David Taylor

Such great service, took the time to go though the mapping with me and the car is now unbelievably quick for a 330d 😁 Engine and Gearbox remap. Highly Recommended!

Jason Turner

Done exactly what I wanted. Very professional, knowledgeable guy

Richard Swain

Perfect experience for my fiances mums Golf TDI, excellent map work quite fast and very professional highly recommeded!


Took my M140i to Tommy for a dyno run after suspicions after a stage 1 map at a different tuning company. I wanted some peace of mind with my queries, Tommy was really helpful, put my mind at ease and doesn’t try and sell you something you don’t need. He was honest and confirmed the engine was all ok, even checked the stage 1 map for anything dodgy. Top man! Thoroughly recommend him.

A Costin

Brought my 220d M sport into Tommy for a stage 1 map and xhp gearbox map. Tommy was hugely knowledgable and explained every step of the way, what he was doing, really felt like a hugely professional service and he really made me feel comfortable with what he was doing. Since doing this the car has been like a completely different car. We ran a health check to ensure everything was running fine and then dyno'd the car before hand an it was producing 177 bhp, following the map i was producing 223 bhp and around +80nm or torque. The power difference and overal drivability of the car has put a smile on my face at every drive. I would highly recommend the gearbox map which has made everything so smooth its like I have a new gearbox in the car. The car changes gear faster, smoother and holds rpm at slightly higher levels than before where I thought the car was labouring. The map itself is extremely smooth, when you put your foot down you get a increasing flow of power which really does put a smile on your face, with the bonus that there is no jerky gear changes or un anticipated levels of power at any stage. But believe me, its a large increase in power and you really do feel it!. Just to add my MPG has increased since having this done which is always nice!. Would 100% recommend anyone to Tommy and thank you Tommy for your time, certainly one happy customer who will be back!.

David Connew

Really professional tuners.

Wesley Heapy

Took a BMW 220d to Velocity. Best service I’ve ever received when getting a car tuned. Tommy is so down to earth and really knows his stuff! He was honest and straight up from the very first phone call! 10000000% recommend


I first learned of Tommy (the owner of Velocity) through our mutual interest in the M5, with Tommy having taken his car to 1000 BHP. After following Tommy for some time and with my daily driver requiring a remap (why wouldn’t you) I decided that Tommy’s company (Velocity Tuning) was the way to go. I travelled 2 hours to Velocity which was well worth the effort. Tommy talked me through the entire remap, spent time tweaking the map and explained the pit falls of not doing it properly… Furthermore, his knowledge of BMW’s and my weekend car (the M5) was second to none. Shortly after I received the remap, I took the car on a track day (why wouldn’t you!) where it performed flawlessly! If you’re in need of a remap and would like a company that is passionate, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile then please look no further!!

Dtm Roofing

Tommy really knows his stuff ..recommended 5 stars

Mark Clifford

Highly recommended! I had a generic map on my 335D which was going into limp mode under heavy loads. Took it to Velocity for a custom map and gearbox update. It was making 363BHP - 654Nm on the generic map. We expected to lose a little power but it made more! 382BHP - 714Nm and no more limp mode. Couldn’t be happier, thanks

Duncan Travis

Brilliant, thorough service on offer. Tommy is a really nice chap with mountains of knowledge. I travelled over 100 miles each way and would do it again in a heartbeat. My N55 335i is also now a totally different animal 👌🏻

James Knight

Tommy has been a total blessing for my business - from the initial phone call to over 2 years down the line Tommy is somebody we can depend on. His knowledge and never give up attitude over the years we've known him have shone through for us time and time again. From a Re-Map to problem solving using the Dyno i wouldnt look to use anybody else local to us.If your thinking about using Velocity Tuning id highly recommend them.

SRS Automotive

Great service and aftercare

Lloyd Sherman

Tommy remapped my Audi A5 , the results were unbelievable, totally transformed the cars performance and improved the economy at the same time. Tommy is a really knowledgable guy and explained what he was doing throughout the process. I would not take my car anywhere else. I would recommend Tommy and velocity tuning to anyone.

Ash miziel

I treated my son to a rolling road mapping session with velocity tuning on his bmw 120d m-sport.......it was 177bhp 320nm now running 225bhp and 495nm with low down power in all gears......very professional service and would recommend highly.

Jeff Munro

Had two of my cars remapped at Velocity, Tommy really knows his stuff and explained everything he was doing thoroughly. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Velocity to anybody.

Royal Details

Recently had my mk7 golf gti in with velocity, and what a difference, really woken the car up, just what it needed, on top of that great to deal with and excellent service. Definitely recommend to anyone.

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SERVICE.. very caring and explains the whole process each step of the way and will leave you smiling guaranteed.. full of knowledge and equipment to cover every vehicle on there dyno.

Daniel Brown

Amazing company, very good service


Very Knowledgeable and professional tuner. Very competitively priced, no generic maps used here, properly data logged and tuned to your individual car to get the most of out of it, whether it be for economy or performance. Friendly service from Tommy, will definitely be a repeat customer.

We’ve had several maps done by Tommy, very happy.

Mark Rankin

Had my f10 m5 dropped over from ireland to have a lot of work done, great customer service and has top knowlege in his line of work at a very fair price 5☆

Daniel Leeson

Can’t recommend Tommy enough! Knows M5s inside out and sorted all the problems everyone else caused! Best move you’ll make imo! Top lad!

Tim Stubbs

Amazing service and Tommy’s knowledge is second to none, cannot recommend highly enough.

Wayne Chambers

Tommy maped my focus ST Top quality service would recommend to any one who is after a Tun 👍.

steven dixon

Had a couple of my BMW's mapped by velocity and also had an economy map on my van. Cant recommend them enough great service and to have the dyno results as well to show the gains is great

Liam Trunks

Top lad had my zafira gsi remap by you and I live loving it I will Refer you to people to get there car done by you

Anthony Pacey

Tommy at velocity tuning mapped my caddy. A whole different drive so much smoother with the added hp. 73hp to 148hp amazing figures couldn't recommend velocity tuning enough

Excellent service from start to end. A great laugh and full of expertise. Thanks

James King

Had my car health checked and remapped by Tommy at Velocity Tuning. Extremely knowledgeable and professional when it comes to his work. I had little idea of how it all works and Tommy was kind enough to go through everything and even explain it all to me as he was doing it - not many places would give you that level treatment! I’m very particular when it comes to who works on my cars and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks again.

Umar Ali

By far the most helpful tuning wise, before and after care is the most important thing. These guys are second to none. 🙌🏻


Unbelievable attention to detail and a wealth of knowledge. Would recommend to anyone and everyone 👍

Birky 41

Never felt so much power between my legs! Top job, knowledgeable and would have no question recommending

Couldn't recommend Tommy & Velocity Tuning enough. Went above and beyond to find the right tools to tune my JCW Mini when most tuners wouldn't have bothered. Could do with stocking up on tea bags though.

Allen Hill

I have seen and heard lots of positive reviews about velocity tuning,and am in the process of saving to get my hdi car sorted out,suffering with power lag. Keep up the good work you do.

Lucie Collins

Professional & reliable 5*

Owen Smith

Very good service even when coming across a fault while in Germany plugged in read codes re set and carried on with the holiday fault free!

Sam Barrett

I cant recommend Tommy enough. Took my mini cooper s here recently and it was a bit of a nightmare job, but where most people would give up, he went above and beyond to sort it for me. He got some great gains out of the car, and gave me realistic figures as his main goal is a safe tune. He sat me through a lot of the procedure and answered all of my questions, even showing me the inside of the ECU. Nothing was too much trouble. Furthermore, he uses his own maps on his own car, which gives you a lot of faith in his ability. Hes got more software and hardware than a lot of tuners out there! Won't hesitate to use velocity tuning again, or recommend it to anyone who asks!

Ben L'Agey

Tommy dealt with my partners 220d, he made him feel comfortable, discussed all processes with him at all stages and went far beyond what was expected, Tommy is the one to go to for any tuning needs, friendly, knowledgable, thorough. Couldnt ask for more!!

Ray Ray

Couldn't have had an better experience, from start to finish Tommy has been professional and very friendly. I felt welcomed and valued as a customer. I am very pleased with the work done on my car. 😊 Tommy has a vast wealth of knowledge about tuning vehicles, especially the M5 F10. Thank you Tommy, will see you around at the car meets soon. All the best, Ray 👍🏾

James Gurney

Velocity tuning are simply the best tuning company around. Tommy @ velocity tuning blew me away with his knowledge and results that he managed to achieve with my bmw. Couldn’t ask for a better service.

steven sebborn

He's got an m5 that does 214mph.....able to fit meth, jb4 etc... Has more equipment than most tuners I know and the knowledge to back it up. Well worth booking in with.

Jak B.

Tommy mapped my BMW e92 M3, he did an amazing job and I had 40hp gains and the car drives so much better. Highly recommended and he will be doing all my cars in the future.

Adam bischoff

Very happy with my visit to velocity tuning, very friendly and clean and knows his stuff! My mercedes gained another 26bhp atw! Happy days.

Specialists in German automotive performance

We specialise in all things BMW. However, get in touch if you own a European vehicle as we are very likely to be able to help.

435i white dyno

BMW 135i 235i 335i 435i N55 2011 – 2015

Stock 300 – 310bhp / 255 – 368whp /  500nm    Stage 1 360 – 380bhp / 305 – 320whp/ 600nm Stage 1 Options (Requires only Engine Mapping)  Engine Mapping  Gearbox XHP Software  (Not Required) Stage 2 380 – 400bhp / 320 – 340whp 650nm  Stage 2 Options (Exhaust Modification Required)  Engine Mapping  Gearbox XHP

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s63tu engine

BMW F90 M5 / F92 M8 Service & Maintenance Guide

Useful Part Numbers: BMW Spark Plugs: 12120054451 /  BOSCHZR5TPP3320NGK Spark Plugs:  97506 / SILZKBR8D8SBMW Coil Pack: 12138611236BMW Coolant/ Antifreeze: 83192211191Gearbox Oil: 83222289720Engine Oil Filter: 11427848321Air Filters: Left side 13717852380/ Right Side 13717852382Wiper Blades: 61612447934Cabin Filter: 64116996209Front Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34107886853Rear Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34217991043Front Left Disc: 34217991103Front Right Disc: 34217991104Rear Left Disc:

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435d white

BMW 335D 435D F series – Xdrive 2013 – 2019

A BMW that truly does it all, great economy, great power and being blessed with the x-drive 4wd system great traction.  A family diesel that can reach 60mph faster than lot of M cars and not break the bank trying to keep the fuel topped up. Under the bonnet you’ll find the N57 engine, coupled

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BMW 120D 220D 320D 420D 520D

Some of BMWs best selling engines can be found in the 20D variants. There has been few engines used over the years such as the M47, the N47 and the B47. Ranging in power from 160bhp to 200bhp in standard form.  One thing most of these engines and chassis have in common is they gain

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BMW M140I M240I B58 2015 – 2019

Stock 340 – 360bhp / 280 – 305whp /  500nm Stage 1 430 – 450bhp / 365 – 385whp/ 600nm Stage 1 Options (Requires only Engine Mapping)  Engine Mapping Inhouse or remote via BM3/ MHD Gearbox XHP Software  (Not Required) ECU Unlock £90 (For 2017-2019) Included Free with Engine mapping Stage 2 450 – 470bhp

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f90 m5 lci

BMW F90 M5 Tuning 2018 – 2022

https://youtu.be/w9sNatsOwGw Standard Power  The F90 M5 in standard form makes 600-620 BHP and 750 NM of torque, There are two common versions the standard M5 and the competition version. The comp makes slightly more power but engine and its turbos etc are all the same and because of this the standard and comp m5 both

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