BMW F90 M5 / F92 M8 Service & Maintenance Guide

Useful Part Numbers:

BMW Spark Plugs: 12120054451 /  BOSCHZR5TPP3320
NGK Spark Plugs:  97506 / SILZKBR8D8S
BMW Coil Pack: 12138611236
BMW Coolant/ Antifreeze: 83192211191
Gearbox Oil: 83222289720
Engine Oil Filter: 11427848321
Air Filters: Left side 13717852380/ Right Side 13717852382
Wiper Blades: 61612447934
Cabin Filter: 64116996209
Front Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34107886853
Rear Brake Pads (non Carbon Ceramic): 34217991043
Front Left Disc: 34217991103
Front Right Disc: 34217991104
Rear Left Disc: 34217991103
Rear Right Disc: 34217991104
Fuel Injector: 13647852362
Injector Decoupler: 13539847174
Expansion Tank: 17137889450
Transfer case oil: 83222409710
Rear diff oil: 83222447362
Front diff oil: 83222413511


Engine Oil: Change every 5000 miles or once a year depending on which occurs first, If you are tracking or racing the car you may want to change after events, I recommend 5w 40 oil and genuine filter. I also use Motul 300v oil but this is a heavily opinionated choice and there is no right or wrong oil as long as quality oil is used. (car will take 10 litres on a change but buy 11litres so you have a top up when needed)

Gearbox Oil: Change oil every 50,000 Miles, BMW state oil is lifetime (100K) 

Diff Oil: Every 30,00 miles, BMW recommends 90,000 miles

Spark Plugs: Every 15,000 miles or two years

Coil Packs: Every 25,000 miles or three years

Air Filter: Every 10,000 miles or two years


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