E SERIES 335D 535D

E series 335D 535D

Stage 1 360-380bhp 700nm £300

Stage 2 380-400bhp 760nm £300 (+ PARTS/ LABOUR IF NEEDED)

Gearbox Remap £220 ( £200 with Engine Remap)

We love BMWs especially those with the N57 & M57 Diesel engine. These are very strong engines and are able to achieve massive gains. We have seen these with aftermarket turbos and water meth making over 450 BHP & 800 NM.

For Stage 1 no physical modifications are needed for the car, For Stage 2 most have DPF/ EGR (This makes them legally for off road use only), Swirl flaps and also a larger intercooler.

Gearbox remap has many benefits which include faster pull away due to the torque converter locking up faster, optimised shift points, faster gear shifts, increased clamping pressure, true manual mode and indicated gear when in D mode on the dash.

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