BMW F10 F12 M5 M6 Tuning

Stock  580 – 600 bhp /  490 – 510 whp / 680nm / 100-200kph 8sec

Stage 1 690 – 710bhp /  590 – 605 whp / 800nm / 100-200kph 6.8-7.1 sec (£660 inc VAT)

Stage 2 735 – 755bhp / 620 – 640 whp / 850nm / 100-200kph 6.3 – 6.6 sec (£660 inc VAT Remap only/ £1350 inc VAT All work & Parts)

Stage 2 + Gearbox map / Clutch 800bhp / 680 whp / 900nm / 100-200kph 5.9 – 6.2 sec (Not recommended for regular road use)

Stage 3 Available upon Request

Gearbox Remap £500 inc VAT alone or £300 inc VAT with Engine Remap

Equipped with the monstrous S63TU 4.4litre V8. For the F10 M5 we offer multiple levels of tuning, provide downpipes, fitment of uprated spark plugs, intakes, clutch packs, turbos & Meth Kits

We have built M5 & M6 with methanol & hybrid turbos also combined with Forged Engines. We currently hold multiple world and UK records with this platform reaching 214mph at Vmax. We offer competition pack coding for this vehicle and have extensive experience with this vehicle rebuilding engines, rebuilding the dct gearbox and fitting uprated clutches and installing lowering springs, turbos, uprated diff mounts, drive shafts and setting these cars up for drag racing, high-speed racing, race track & fast road use. Out of all cars we work on this is one we have a particular passion for.

After years of testing & development we have built packages to suit all needs, we know the limits of stock clutches, uprated clutches & engine components like the conrods & are able to provide safe reliable but fast packages.

Stage 1 Remap needs no physical modifications and will see around 700 BHP, Stage 2 downpipes are required which we can provide and install in house. After Stage 2 the clutch is the weakest link and to progress further an uprated clutch is needed which we can supply and install also.

Once the clutch is in you can add methanol and see well over 800 BHP and then if your crazy enough to still want more hybrid turbos can be added to your setup to see over 900 BHP 

We have raced and developed this platform for many years and are world renowned for our commitment to this engine and car. We are able to provide ethanol tuning, custom gearbox mapping, dyno tuning for hybrid turbos and forged engines. To see our work of many M5/ M6 please visit our instagram page

Please visit our shop to see the many parts that are available to take your car to the performance needed.

Typical Stock to Stage 2 results showing WHP & Torque. Note stock run hits 165mph limiter

Results possible with forged engine, race fuel & larger turbos

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