BMW M3 M4 Tuning

Stock 440 – 460bhp / 375 – 390whp /  550nm

Stage 1 530 – 550bhp / 450 – 470whp/ 700nm

Stage 2 550 – 590bhp / 470 – 505whp 750nm 

Stage 3+ 610-800bhp / 510 – 700whp 800+nm

Dyno Engine mapping from £550 inc Vat, Most Stage 1 cars achieve mid 7 sec 100-200kph & Stage 2 cars high 6sec 100-200kph

 M3 M4 & M2 Comp all come with the s55 engine and we are able to offer a multitude of packages to suit all customers, for stage 1 or stage 2 charge pipe is recommended & when adding meth or turbos the crankhub fix needs to be done. Options like burbles on sport mode, cold start delete & speed limit removal are all possible at no additional cost.

We offer ecu unlocking at a cost of £240 inc vat, and can provide bm3 licenses and custom mapping on their platform for those who would like map switching.

We offer engine tuning suited to a customer needs whether its all-out power or a smooth usable track orientated remap, for the rest of the vehicle GTS programming as such gearbox, steering, diff is reprogrammed to GTS settings or the more aggressive xhp gearbox softwarer can be applied. Uprated charge pipes, uprated spark plugs, decat pipes & general vehicle coding/ servicing is also available. From late 2020 XHP Gearbox stage 1,2 & 3 became available  also.

We have tuned this engine in many cars from the small nimble M2 comp to the track orientated M4 cs. Carrying out Stage 1 tuning all the way to fire spitting hybrid turbo and water methanol fuelled combinations. 



Stage 1 remap requires no physical changes to be made to the car this is software only and sees a huge gain in performance from standard power.


Stage 2 remap requires as a minimum decat exhaust, some replace charge pipes for harder than stock as they are prone to breaking and there is options to upgrade the charge cooler itself


Graph above displays an average M3/ M4 wheel horse power & Torque figures for a stock to Stage 2 Remap

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