BMW 335D 435D F series – Xdrive 2013 – 2019

A BMW that truly does it all, great economy, great power and being blessed with the x-drive 4wd system great traction.  A family diesel that can reach 60mph faster than lot of M cars and not break the bank trying to keep the fuel topped up. Under the bonnet you’ll find the N57 engine, coupled with a EDC17CP45 ECU & the Getrag automatic 8speed gearbox. Just like its predecessor the E series 335D with the M57, the engine is capable of extreme levels of power with stage 1 or stage 2 remaps staying well within the engine’s abilities.

Most that visit us for tuning on this vehicle opt for our stage 1 engine mapping coupled with stage 3 gearbox tune. This will see the car capable of 3.9 0-60mph in correct conditions and making around 380bhp.

When working on cars we carry out pre tuning diagnostics, a visual inspection & a dyno run before any modifications are carried out. Then using our BMW specific logging equipment create a unique tune to suit the customers requirements & cars characteristics. 

BMWs Xdrive system is an efficient system that engages the front wheels drive when required via its transfer case. Due to this system is it possible to temporarily deactivate the xdrive and keep the car in rwd mode such as Xdelete does or BMW themselves allow on models such as the G80 & F90. This allows us to dyno the car RWD. We are also able to dyno the car with xdrive active but prefer this method unless customer states otherwise.

9 out of 10 jobs for this car are Stage 1 we tend to not recommend stage 2 as the gains over stage 1 are mediocre and in our opinion not worth it for the cost and extra smell/ smoke produced but will take on stage 2 when requested.

Gearbox mapping raises torque limiters, increases shift speeds, shift points, optimises launch control & enables additional features. 

Stock power: 300-314bhp / 250-260whp / 630nm

Stage 1: 370-385bhp / 310whp- 320whp / 740nm

Stage 2: 400-420bhp / 335-350whp / 790nm (hardware changes required)

blue 435d


Stage 1 remap requires no physical changes to be made to the car this is software only and sees a huge gain in performance from standard power.

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