BMW F90 M5 Tuning

Stock  600 – 620 bhp /  500 – 520 whp / 750nm / 100-200kph 7.0 sec

Stage 1 705 – 715 bhp /  595 – 600 whp / 850nm / 100-200kph 6.0 sec (£750 inc VAT)

Stage 2 790 – 805 bhp / 660 – 670 whp / 900nm / 100-200kph 5.5 sec (£750 inc VAT Remap only)

Gearbox XHP Software £300 inc Vat

Progressing from the F10 platform we have the F90 M5, This is a S63T4 V8 4.4 coupled with an automatic 8speed gearbox instead of the previous generations DCT 7Speed. The Car features an intelligent XDRIVE system capable of 4 wheel drive and also 2 wheel drive if desired.

What BMW decided to do here is take the F10 M5 limited traction and turn it on its head offering mind blowing levels of acceleration & grip.

We spent many months developing and testing multiple stages of tuning from completely stock to full system, intakes & Ethanol Race fuel blends. This was carried out with 100s of miles of datalogging & many days on our dyno. What we found was a extremely capable setup from factory but one that left so much more to take advantage of.

What we have ended up with now is fully developed tunes suit all types of customers needs. We have our stage 1, normal stage 2, aggressive stage 2 and our ethanol based stage 2 packages. 

We have created a small number of videos based on the F90 & details of what we offer.


white m5

Custom Stage 1 with Project Gamma Intakes & XHP Gearbox Software. This requires no hardware changes and is all mapping based only

Custom Stage 2 Tuning on 99ron fuel with XHP gearbox Software. This requires exhaust modifications 

grey m5

Our Development car, Which has been tested from Stock to Full exhaust & Race fuel, seeing hours of dyno time, road logging & achieving fantastic times on equipment like dragy. This allows us to make sure we can offer the best tuning for your F90

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