BMW F90 M5 Tuning 2018 – 2022

Standard Power

 The F90 M5 in standard form makes 600-620 BHP and 750 NM of torque, There are two common versions the standard M5 and the competition version. The comp makes slightly more power but engine and its turbos etc are all the same and because of this the standard and comp m5 both achieve same power when tuning this is also true of the rarer CS model.
 600 – 620 bhp /  500 – 520 whp / 750nm / 100-200kph 7.0 sec / Quarter Mile 10.9 Sec

Stage 1 Remap

For those that are not satisfied with 600 BHP the first level of tuning we offer is Stage 1, Our Stage 1 looks to achieve 700-720 BHP and 850NM. When we obtained our M5 shop car we first ran the car for a month at standard power and whilst the power from a standstill was impressive and exciting, we found that past 100mph the car did begin to flatten off and reduce the rate at which it continued to accelerate, Stage 1 tuning changed that. Once we went over to our own software the car felt like it did not ease off and was able to maintain that exciting feeling through the higher gears.
Stage 1 tuning does not require any physical changes to the car,  intakes, exhaust system, spark plugs are all able to be left completely factory. It is common for owners to wish the car was louder and made more noises in sport mode. When mapping we are able to keep the exhaust valves open in sport mode and also adjust the burbles however you prefer.
With Stage 1 mapping optional gearbox mapping is also available, For those coming from previous generation M cars, the newer 8 speed gearbox can feel very soft and smooth and lack that fast aggressive shifting we had with the DCT gearboxes. The gearbox mapping also removes the 194mph speed limiter which is found once the engine ecu speed limiter is removed.


There is 3 main ways we can apply our software to your F90, First is to visit our workshop in Essex where you are able to have tuning carried out on our 4wd dyno whilst you wait. The other two ways are both able to be carried out any where in the world and for that we use bootmod3 or mhd. With either of these platforms we are able to datalog and customise your remap in the same way we do when on our 4wd dyno.


Stage 1  Data

705 – 715 bhp /  595 – 600 whp / 850nm / 100-200kph 6.0 sec  / Quarter Mile 10.4 Sec

Stage 2 Remap

For those wanting to extract the true potential of their F90 M5 look no further than our stage 2 mapping. This level of tuning is hard to match and there is not much out there that can keep with a stage 2 F90 let alone out pace it. Stage 2  requires exhaust modifications and as such is for off road/ track use only. Stage 2 power can range from 790 BHP all the way past 850 BHP depending on what fuel type its for. Most customers especially in the UK are mapped for 99ron premium fuel and as such 790-810 BHP can be expected.

When stage 2 tuning we often disable cold start and either reduce or increase the burbles depending on what the customer would like to hear. We can also keep the exhaust valves open in sports mode, remove speed limiter and recalibrate sports display to show new power output.

Most Stage 2 cars have gearbox mapping carried out along side the engine mapping as they compliment each other and allow the car to not only maximise its potential but also remove some limitations.

We also offer our Stage 2 tuning for 95ron, 97ron, E30 fuel and also those running port meth injection (common in hot climates)

We offer three main ways to upgrade your car to stage 2.  Firstly visiting our workshop in Essex where we can carry out full stage 2 packages within a day including mapping on our dyno. We usually have discounted stage 2 packages available, The other two ways are remotely and is very popular worldwide. Remote mapping is achieved via bootmod3 or mhd which we are a reseller for and can offer together with our custom maps and also ship out exhaust parts if needed. Its also common for customers to visit us for tuning and also obtain a remote flash package as this adds the benefit of being able to go back to stock power, switch maps (99ron and E30), datalog the car and also take full control of burbles ( for example closing valves and disabling burbles for track days)

Stage 2 Data 99ron

790 – 810 BHP / 660 – 670 WHP / 900 NM / 100-200kph 5.5 sec / Quarter Mile 10.1 Sec

Stage 2 Data E30/ Meth

830-850 BHP / 950 NM / 100-200 4.9 sec / Quarter Mile 9.9 Sec

Purchase Remote tuning here:

Bootmod3 F90 M5 & F92 M8 Remote Custom mapping via Bootmod3 – Velocity Tuning

MHD F90 M5 & F92 M8 Remote Custom mapping via MHD – Velocity Tuning


We offer tuning for this platform world wide & in house at our Workshop in Colchester Essex, We have managed to carry on in the same manner as we had with the previous generation winning UK events and establishing ourselves in the top of the leaderboards for Stage 1/ Stage 2 cars. We are 3 years into owning our own F90 Shop car and have used it at Santa pod, terminal velocity & euro trips to Nurburgring regularly with success enabling us to build on the great car BMW have created. Our customers have also enjoyed success all around the world and been able to enjoy their cars to the full potential.


Progressing from the F10 platform we have the F90 M5, This is a S63T4 V8 4.4 coupled with an automatic 8speed gearbox instead of the previous generations DCT 7Speed. The Car features an intelligent XDRIVE system capable of 4 wheel drive and also 2 wheel drive if desired.

What BMW decided to do here is take the F10 M5 limited traction and turn it on its head offering mind blowing levels of acceleration & grip.

We spent many months developing and testing multiple stages of tuning from completely stock to full system, intakes & Ethanol Race fuel blends. This was carried out with 1000s of miles of datalogging & many days on our dyno. What we found was a extremely capable setup from factory but one that left so much more to take advantage of.

What we have ended up with now is fully developed tunes suit all types of customers needs. We have our stage 1, normal stage 2, aggressive stage 2 and our ethanol based stage 2 packages. 

We have created a small number of videos based on the F90 & details of what we offer which can be found near bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My M5 / M8 is an LCI will I need to have my ecus unlocked?   

Yes from June 2020 BMW ecu security was changed and bypassing security is not as quick as pre June 2020. We offer an unlock service which takes a few days, for more info watch our video on the process below

For unlock info please watch our short video

  • If I map remap my car, can I return it to stock to maintain its warranty?

Once your car is remapped, it will always be detectable by BMW even if car is flashed back to standard afterwards, therefore only tune your M5 if you are not keeping your warranty

  • Are your maps custom?, Can I determine whether I have moderate power or maximise engines potential?

Custom Mapping is a term used loosely in the automotive industry but yes our maps are custom and written in house by Tommy. Because of this you can determine the aggressiveness of your tune and also you will see datalogging and adjustments made whilst you visit.

  • My car software was updated by BMW and now it no longer burbles in sport mode, Can you revert this back?

Much to the annoyance of many owners BMW removed the exhaust Burbles with a software update. We are able to re-enable burbles and also adjust them to suit your wants.

Click here for our F90 Service & Maintenance Guide


Our F90 M5 Comp capable of 2.4 second 0-60 mph & 9 second quarter mile with only downpipes, engine tune, gearbox tune & race fuel

white m5

Custom Stage 1 with Intakes & XHP Gearbox Software. This requires no hardware changes and is all ECU based

Custom Stage 2 Tuning on 99ron fuel with XHP gearbox Software. This requires exhaust modifications 

grey m5

Our Development car, Which has been tested from Stock to Full exhaust & Race fuel, seeing hours of dyno time, road logging & achieving fantastic times on equipment like dragy. This allows us to make sure we can offer the best tuning for your F90

blue f90 m5
usa f90 m5
yellow bar f90
f90 m5 engine bay
f90 m5 4wd dyno

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