BMW F90 M5 Tuning 2018 – 2022

  • Standard Power

 600 – 620 bhp /  500 – 520 whp / 750nm / 100-200kph 7.0 sec / Quarter Mile 10.9 Sec

Stage 1  (Requires only ECU Flash)

705 – 715 bhp /  595 – 600 whp / 850nm / 100-200kph 6.0 sec  / Quarter Mile 10.4 Sec

Stage 1 Options

  •  Engine Mapping  (Inhouse or via BM3/ MHD Available)
  • Gearbox Mapping  (Not Required for Stage 1)

Stage 2 (Requires Exhaust Modification)

790 – 805 bhp / 660 – 670 whp / 900nm / 100-200kph 5.5 sec / Quarter Mile 10.1 Sec

Stage 2 Options

  •  Engine Mapping  (Inhouse or via BM3/ MHD Available)
  • Gearbox Mapping  (Recommended)
  • Decat Downpipes

Get in touch for our special offers on stage 2 packages (includes Engine remap, Gearbox Remap, Downpipes, Dyno + Labour)

Gearbox Software

  •  Improved Shift Times
  • Optimised Launch Control
  • Custom Torque Settings on Gears
  • Increased Line Pressure

Tuning Options

  •  Speed Limiter Removal
  • Decat / OPF Error Removal
  • Adjustment Of Burbles/ Over run
  • Sports Display Recalibration
  • Cold Start Removal
  • Start Stop Disable

We offer tuning for this platform world wide & in house at our Workshop in Colchester Essex, We have managed to carry on in the same manner as we had with the previous generation winning UK events and establishing ourselves in the top of the leaderboards for Stage 1/ Stage 2 cars. We are 3 years into owning our own F90 Shop car and have used it at Santa pod, terminal velocity & euro trips to Nurburgring regularly with success enabling us to build on the great car BMW have created. Our customers have also enjoyed success all around the world and been able to enjoy their cars to the full potential.


Progressing from the F10 platform we have the F90 M5, This is a S63T4 V8 4.4 coupled with an automatic 8speed gearbox instead of the previous generations DCT 7Speed. The Car features an intelligent XDRIVE system capable of 4 wheel drive and also 2 wheel drive if desired.

What BMW decided to do here is take the F10 M5 limited traction and turn it on its head offering mind blowing levels of acceleration & grip.

We spent many months developing and testing multiple stages of tuning from completely stock to full system, intakes & Ethanol Race fuel blends. This was carried out with 1000s of miles of datalogging & many days on our dyno. What we found was a extremely capable setup from factory but one that left so much more to take advantage of.

What we have ended up with now is fully developed tunes suit all types of customers needs. We have our stage 1, normal stage 2, aggressive stage 2 and our ethanol based stage 2 packages. 

We have created a small number of videos based on the F90 & details of what we offer which can be found near bottom of this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • My M5 / M8 is an LCI will I need to have my ecus unlocked?   

Yes from mid 2020 BMW ecu security was changed and at time of writing only one company worldwide unlock these ecus, so this can be done but ecus will need to be sent away

  • If I map remap my car, can I return it to stock to maintain its warranty?

Once your car is remapped, it will always be detectable by BMW even if car is flashed back to standard afterwards, therefore only tune your M5 if you are not keeping your warranty

  • Are your maps custom?, Can I determine whether I have moderate power or maximise engines potential?

Custom Mapping is a term used loosely in the automotive industry but yes our maps are custom and written in house by Tommy. Because of this you can determine the aggressiveness of your tune and also you will see datalogging and adjustments made whilst you visit.

  • My car software was updated by BMW and now it no longer burbles in sport mode, Can you revert this back?

Much to the annoyance of many owners BMW removed the exhaust Burbles with a software update. We are able to re-enable burbles and also adjust them to suit your wants.

Click here for our F90 Service & Maintenance Guide


Our F90 M5 Comp capable of 2.4 second 0-60 mph & 9 second quarter mile with only downpipes, engine tune, gearbox tune & race fuel

white m5

Custom Stage 1 with Intakes & XHP Gearbox Software. This requires no hardware changes and is all ECU based

Custom Stage 2 Tuning on 99ron fuel with XHP gearbox Software. This requires exhaust modifications 

grey m5

Our Development car, Which has been tested from Stock to Full exhaust & Race fuel, seeing hours of dyno time, road logging & achieving fantastic times on equipment like dragy. This allows us to make sure we can offer the best tuning for your F90

blue f90 m5
usa f90 m5
yellow bar f90
f90 m5 engine bay

2 thoughts on “BMW F90 M5 Tuning 2018 – 2022”

  1. I have a 2019 BMW M5 F90.
    What is the maximum power in WHP that can be obtained without actually changing shafts and clutch?

  2. Dear Sir:
    I am very excited to do the modifications to my M5, stock 600 HP, and of course I want you to do it remotely. My idea is not a common stage 2, I want it to be as aggressive as possible, without putting hybrid turbos or making mechanical modifications to the clutch. In Chile, 98 octane gasoline is used, you can also program it to use 50% methanol instead of 30% as you recommend in stage 2. If I put Spool FX-150 plus high performance charge cooler like CSF or Project Gamma and Intake and filters Project Gamma or Eventuri fuel pumps, I’ll get upgrades over your Stage 2 offer.
    You also spoke in a video that you had managed to unlock a second maximum speed limitation that the car came from the factory, it is possible to obtain that too.
    Do you think it is necessary to improve the cooling with new air and oil radiators, as well as the oil cooler for the transmission? It is much hotter here than in England.
    Please send a budget with your best performance option.

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