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Some of BMWs best selling engines can be found in the 20D variants. There has been few engines used over the years such as the M47, the N47 and the B47. Ranging in power from 160bhp to 200bhp in standard form.  One thing most of these engines and chassis have in common is they gain on average around 40bhp & 80nm when having a Stage 1 remap.

Tuning sessions for these tend to take around 3hours and involve diagnostic checks, visual inspection & a dyno run to check current power before any tuning takes place. Whilst having the engine power increased its common for gearbox mapping to also be carried out on the automatic variants. The E series 6speed box is noticeably sluggish and greatly improves shift speeds & shift points when remapped also.

The newer F & G series 8 speed gearboxes are also mappable and improves automatic gear selection, shift speeds & enables additional features such as displaying current gear whilst in D-mode.

Our maps for these vehicles are written in house by Tommy using BMW specific datalogging software & our V-Tech dyno to create smooth usable power improving the driving experience attainable from your car.

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Stage 1 remap requires no physical changes to be made to the car this is software only and sees a huge gain in performance from standard power.

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