F10 BMW M5 Write up

The F10 M5 is without doubt one of BMW’s greatest-ever creations. That’s a bold statement when you consider just how many incredible cars the company has produced over the years but the F10 M5 really is something special and you truly never forget your first time in one. Numbers on a page can’t accurately convey how fast this car is because what’s astonishing is the way it keeps accelerating once you get over 100mph; that’s where you truly understand what the F10 M5 is really capable of and where the massive power and torque from that twin-turbo V8 really make themselves felt. Now imagine an F10 M5 with pretty much double its stock power output; that’s something that’s truly difficult to get your head around, but not for Tommy Munro because that is exactly what he’s built.

“Since I was taken out in an E36 M3 as a teenager I have loved BMWs – the balance between handling and power is second to none and I’ll never forget the adrenaline from hearing that straight-six scream up to the limiter,” grins Tommy as we start to chat. “The first BMW I bought was an E46 325i because I loved E46s and this was the fastest one I could afford,” and this was followed a string of various BMs, including an E36 328i wide-body, an E93 M3 with a de-cat and remap and, interestingly, another F10 M5, though that one only had a Stage 2 remap on it. Clearly that first F10 M5 made quite an impression on Tommy as he found himself hankering for another hit of turbo power, his desire further fired by seeing just what a full-on build was capable of. “I saw an M5 beat a Lamborghini at VMAX and saw videos of them beating RS6s, they are the fastest saloon in my price range I think,” he says and that cemented his need to buy another. “I bought my F10 M5 in August 2017; I wanted one that was Sakhir orange and also had a decent spec i.e. 20” wheels, 360 cameras, soft-close doors, M Multifunction seats and I found this one in Wales; it was owned by a lady who ran a car sales business and it was her personal car,” Tommy tells us and the plan from the outset was to mod it, though not quite to this degree.

On Arrival

After Works

Customer Comments

Totally different car since dropping it into Tommy at Velocity, thank you and I will see you soon for the next level!

Technical Specs

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 S63B44, Eventuri carbon air intakes, prototype Eventuri turbo inlets, AFE carbon engine cover, Evolve cat-less downpipes, CSF chargecoolers powder coated orange, Pure Turbos Stage 2 hybrids, Velocity Tuning custom map, Burger Motorsports JB4 with Velocity Tuning tune, Burger Motorsports meth controller with custom Velocity Tuning nozzles and pump, Supersprint silencers. M DCT seven-speed gearbox, Burger Motorsports deep billet gearbox sump, prototype Velocity Tuning 1500Nm (1106lb ft) 18-plate clutch and braced diff mount, Driveshaft Shop driveshafts

CHASSIS 10×20” (front) and 11×20” (rear) 6Sixty Crypto wheels with 265/35 (front) and 305/30 (rear) Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres, H&R lowering springs, H&R 30mm anti-roll bar kit, Competition Pack EDC, diff and traction control software, HEL braided brake hoses (front and rear), Pagid RS29 brake pads

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